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Pack Man

The only trouble with being a one-man band is that you have to do everything yourself, which in the week before publication can mean a very early start. So it was up at 5.30am to begin loading boxes of books into the Chariot – 50 all up – that had to be delivered by 7.30. I know there are lots of other sites devoted to writing about cars but none of them can possibly offer as heartfelt a tribute to the qualities of the 1996 Mitsubishi Chariot as I can. This extraordinary car took 50 boxes of books and only the rear tyres complained. It’s a seven-seater and I guess the books probably didn’t weigh more than seven Americans, all up.

Even better, packing a car inevitably involves a lot of opening and closing doors, the attendant dog barking at imagined phantoms in the dark and occasionally dropping the hand trolley with resultant clanging. Given the last few years of what we’ve had to put up with in terms of constant building noises in this renovators’ haven it was great to get a little of my own back in dairy farmers’ hours. I resisted the urge to play Hauraki at top volume while I worked, so the neighbours didn’t really get the full neighbourhood building nightmare experience.

It was also great to spend the rest of the day packing up the remaining books for delivery to stores in good time for publication on Monday – August 5.

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