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Not Secret Much Longer

After an awful lot of hard work by all sorts of people – well, David Fisher, actually – the Kim Dotcom book, The Secret Life of Kim Dotcom, is ready to go. This is a book I got interested in publishing because I wanted to read it, and am proud to be publishing because it says so much and will speak to so many people. Quite early I realised that Fish was the only person who could possibly write it, given his familiarity with the material and his relationship with Dotcom, which is close enough to get under his skin but distant enough for his objectivity never to falter.

He’s produced a book which is in fact many books: a book about the business of online business. about spying, about what it’s like to be very rich, about human rights, about the way the world really works.

The physical book is a great looking piece with some extraordinary pictures, including some of Dotcom’s youthful near-death experience – which some of his critics will probably want to blow up into a poster. The ebook is, if anything, even more remarkable with hundreds of links to a huge range of material.

Early overseas interest has been encouraging with not only the expected websites taking a keen interest but also enquiries from European news agencies and an invitation to David Fisher to write an op ed piece on Dotcom for the Guardian.

This is a timely book about issues that have never been more front of mind. I look forward to hearing your reactions. You can follow it on its Facebook page The Secret Life of Kim Dotcom or on twitter @KimDotcomBook.

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